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5 Nutritious human foods that you can feed to your dogs

Just like humans, dogs have digestive system but there are differences in the two. Therefore, dogs can eat some human foods while some foods should not be tried as they might be dangerous for them.

According to medical news today, this article will review some of the nutritious foods that you can feed your dog with.


Experts revealed that dogs can eat bananas in small quantity. Dogs can eat them because bananas are rich in magnesium which is essential for healthy bone.


Studies revealed that oatmeal is full of fiber and important nutrients. The fiber in it will enable the dog to be full for a long period of time. Oats should be properly cooked without sugar for dogs.


Studies revealed that dogs should consume milk and other dairy products in moderation. This is because dogs have low lactase level and may lead to digestion problem.

Cooked rice

Sea foods

Seafoods such as shrimps, fishes and lobsters can be eaten by dogs.

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