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Meet 5 dangerous dogs that can hunt down a gorilla

As you can see that all these dog's are from different types of species and they have different work but at most times they are dangerous than having them around you, it may be under control for some reason and they are very much interested in hunting and been secretly watchful.

Here are some pictures below that we are looking into

1. Pit bull is are fighter dogs and they will enthusiastically go after their task until complete.

2. Rottweiler is a dog that have the most hot tempered and are also not suitable for domestic use.

3.German shepherd can react on great speed and are extremely focused on taking the danger down, they can cause fatal damage

Wolf hybrid: they have a head of their own, wild and demanding! These dogs are a cross between Grey wolves and dogs and this make them quite unpredictable.

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Grey Rottweiler Wolf


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