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Three Dangerous Dogs That Can Hunt Down A Crocodile

The crocodile is one of the world dangerous reptile, it has the strongest bite, which simply means it can kill it prey with a single bite. It also have a thick hard scale with is very difficult for sharp object to penetrate. It serves as a shield on it.

Today I will be sharing with you three dangerous dogs that can kill a crocodile in a death battle.

1) American Pitbull

The American Pitbull is one of the world dangerous breeds of dogs, it is known for it aggressiveness towards other animal, it has a thick hard skin which protect it body from danger, the only possibility for these dog to kill a crocodile, if 5 breeds of this dog attack a crocodile all at the same time, they can cause a lot of damage on the crocodile which can lead to it death.

2) Rottweiler

When calculating the number of reported bites per breed, Rottweilers are approximately ten times more likely to kill or mangle someone than the average dog. They also are more likely to kill other animals than the average dog. Some owners are drawn to the Rottweiler because they want an imposing, protective dog.

3) Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers were once common as guard and police dogs, and thus have a reputation of being intimidating and aggressive, especially towards strangers. In the CDC's study, this breed was involved in nine dog bite-related fatalities from 1979-1988, ranking it sixth on the CDC's list.

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