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6 World accredited records

1.The highest waterfall in the world is the salto del angel at Venezuela with the height of 979 meters, followed by Victoria fall's by the zambezi river in Africa with a height of 120m.

2.The world's largest amusement park is in Florida, USA known as the Disney world🏰 opened in 1971 and visited by 10.7 million people in that year, with an area of 11.105 hectares.

3.the world's largest aquarium is John G. Sheds aquarium in Chicago USA. The different aquarium contain about 1.7 million litters of water and more than 350 different species.

4.the oldest disease in the world is leprosy said to have exited 1350 BC, followed by tuberculosis schistosomiasis from (1250-100) BC all has existed in Egypt.

5. King Khalid international airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia opened in 1983 is the largest airport in the world.

6. The Sahara desert is in north Africa is the largest and hotest desert in the word with a total area of 8,400kmg.

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Florida John G. Sheds King Khalid Saudi Arabia Victoria


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