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Look At A Huge Swordfish A Fisherman Caught In Rivers State Causing Reactions Online

An unidentified fisherman in Oyorokotor fishing settlement in Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State might have paved way for a big party after he unintentionally caught a gigantic swordfish that some residents of the areas are now scrambling for their of the aquatic animal. 

This is absolutely not the first time in Nigeria where huge aquatic creatures are trapped and roasted for a feast. We have had moments where Manatee(pig-like aquatic creature), dog fish, shark, whales, and even reptiles were caught and pots of soups are made with them. And nothing happened! The trend continues till date. So, this one will definitely be no exception to that. 

However, there have been mixed reactions online after photos of the swordfish got posted on Facebook by the BBC News Pidgin. Some Nigerians were of the opinion that this innocent aquatic creature should not be used to make pepper soup, or pot of soups but should be returned to the river where it was caught. This set of people further buttress their argument by saying fishes like tile fish, King mackerel, Shark and Swordfish contain high levels of mercury in them and as such, it is not good for human consumption. Mercury is a liquid mental that little ingestion of it into the blood stream is poisonous. We have read of how some Japanese died of mercury poisoning after eating fish from a River several years ago. 

Others argued that there is nothing wrong in eating the swordfish. These sets of people opposed those who opined that the sword should be returned to the water body as a way of conserving it or preventing it from going into extinction for the purpose of research, or tourism.

Photos of the swordfish:

See how Nigerians reacted below:

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