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Health Condition In Dogs That Makes Them Have The Shape Of A Frog

Dogs are regarded as man's best friend due to its closeness to humans and the fact that, only dogs are regarded as the most important animal close to man. They are important not just because they are friendly to man but because they also play the role of security i.e. warding off enemies from their territories.

But just like man, dogs also have some deformities i.e. some dogs are also born with deformities that makes them look weird but if you are not informed, you might think the dog has a chronic problem while actually, it's the way it was born. In this article, we are going to have a loom at the Health condition in dogs that makes them look like or rather have the shape of a frog. This condition is quite rare but it is also possible, so this article is going to play an enlightening role in our minds.

What is This Condition Called?

It is often called the short spine syndrome in dogs and it arises when the vertebrae are compressed, creating a severe shortening of a dog's spine. In this case, the vertebrae appears to remind in the cartilage form instead of hardening into bone like other dogs do, therefore leading to the shortening and frog looking shapes in some dogs. It is a painful condition for most dogs as the head is fused to the spine leaving, them with no space for their necks and as such, making it impossible for the dog to turn it's head without turning it's entire body to see what's at the back.

Dogs born with this condition often look like they have hunch back with their tails also affected and shorter than that of other dogs. So, if you see a dog that appears as if it has a hunch back or your dog grows with this condition, please shower the dog with as much love as possible. It is a deformity but it doesn't make the dog less of a pet.

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Source: Dog time

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