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Checkout My 20 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

With over 350 different dog breeds in the world today, it will really be difficult to select which one is the most beautiful.

Different people use different characteristics to judge how beautiful a dog is, in my selection, I used how colorful they are, how hairy, and how cute their eyes is to come up with my list.

In no particular order, below are my 20 most beautiful breeds of dog.

Pomsky. I love the cute eyes, the color mix, the beautiful fur, etc.


Bichon Frise. Completely white coat, the full neck hair, looking like a small lion!

pink teacup pomeranian. I love the fact that it is pink, and the funny look makes me love it the more.


Dalmaton. You will hardly see a better combination. Looking like white tiger!


Papillon. Look at the beautiful dark eyes, the pattern of the hair and a combination of innocence. Lovely dog.

Samoyed. I love this breed particularly for its beautiful coat. Not many dogs has furs as pretty as this.

Australian Hound. The fluffy coat, the multi color, the beautiful eyes! My list can't be complete without the Australian Hound.


Saluki. If dog was to be a kingdom, then this would be the princess, the coiled hair, the beautiful height all makes for a great dog.

Poodle. You might confuse this dog for a lamb. The color and fur mix is just spectacular.

Irish Setter

Siberian husky. If you are looking for a dog that is close to a wolf, then this is it. The colour combination, the size, this is just the perfect dog for me.

Pomeranian. I just love how cute this dog is, pure white, beautiful fluffy coat, and cute funny face.

Icelandic sheep dogs. The unique colour combination, the innocence,

Chow Chow. I love the full hairy face, next thing to a lion I guess.

Golden retriever


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