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Do You Eat CatFish? Here are 3 Side Effects of Eating Cat Fish In Excess You Should Know

Catfish is common among many, and mostly eaten because of its nutritious values, but it also has some side effect, when the consumption is in excess.

Below are some side effects of consuming catfish in excess, which all catfish eaters should know.

1. The risk of Mercury Poisoning. Most catfish that are gotten from polluted waters, may have contacted some unhealthy amount of Mercury in their systems, and when it is built up in the bodies of those fishes as methylmercury, this can cause great harm to the human body, as it will become toxic to the human body when consumed in excess.

When such fishes are consumed in excess, which has methylmercury can affect the human lungs, kidney, and also affect the human digestive system which can lead to fatal injury to the human body.

2. Leads to heart attack/stroke. Catfish contains a high amount of Omega six (6) fat, and when consumed in excess can cause the raise in blood pressure of a person, which will lead to heart attack/stroke.

3. Excess consumption of catfish can get your blood contaminated with polyunsaturated fat because the skin of catfish contains high amount of oil and polyunsaturated, which if taken will settle in the human blood stream.


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CatFish Eat Mercury Mercury Poisoning


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