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Check Out These Lovely Photos Of Famous Celebrities With Their Pet Cats

In my previous article, we looked at some of the most beautiful cats in the world which can make good pets. It's no news that cats are among human's foremost choices when the thought of pets cross their mind. Cats are playful and loveable creatures, and spending time with them is quite fun. Also, with the presence of cat in your home, rodents dare not cause much trouble. And in addition, medically, cats are believed to help lower a person's risk of heart disease.

Though not as popular here, in the western world, there are a lot of cat owners and most of them treasure these cats as if they were their own children. Human's love for cats dates back to many years ago. So here are lovely pictures of some famous celebrities with their pet cats.

1) Ernest Hemingway

2) Meryl Streep

3) Sean Connery

4) Audrey Hepburn

5) Bill Clinton

6) Kurt Cobain

7) Morgan Freeman

8) Marilyn Monroe

9) Cameron Diaz

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