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Top Three dangerous Dogs in the World

Today am going to share with you three dangerous dogs that can kill a tiger in a death battle. The tiger is known for it strength and speed to hunt any kinds of animal in the jungle, it can grow up to 8ft height and it weigh a lot of pounds.

1) American pitbull

The America pitbull is one of the world most dangerous dogs, it is specially known for it speed and strength. It has a thick hard skin which protect it from danger. If 5 of these breed, attack a tiger is has 80% chance of winning the fight.

2) Rottweiler

Over a twelve-year period, Rottweilers were responsible for over 10% of fatal dog attacks even though they are less than 3% of the total dog population. Pit bulls have more notoriety for being aggressive because they are responsible for more serious and fatal injures of humans than any breed.

3) Mountain dogs

It the world largest dogs, it is use to protect farm animal against bear, lion, tiger and other dangerous animal, it weigh a lot of pounds and has the ability to hunt bigger prey more than it size.

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