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2 Species Of Dogs That Can Be Very Dangerous And Difficult To Control Especially When Poorly Trained

Most dog's behaviour is based on what their owners taught them. Without proper education, these dogs could turn out very dangerous. Also, some dogs are trained to attack while some are trained for defense.

1. The Rottweiler: Rottweilers could be extremely aggressive and unfriendly. This breed of dogs is responsible for constituting the second highest number of dog attacks in the United States. They also have one of the highest jaw strength and force which makes it very difficult to escape when a Rottweiler is on attack mode.

Even though this breed of dog could be kept as a pet, an ill trained rottweiler can incur severe damages to people. They are also more aggressive towards strangers than other breed of dogs. In addition, these dogs could be very territorial. Infact, the Rottweiler's natural aggressiveness, large size and powerful build is a dangerous combination without a firm owner.

2. The Pitbull: A research which was conducted proved that while pitbulls made up 6% of the dog population in the United States, they were responsible for up to 68% of dog attacks.

Even though these dogs are tame when trained, an untrained pitbill could be very lethal. These Dogs are said to be unpredictable at times due to their genetics. There are even stories of pitbulls attacking their owners. To make it worse, these dogs are so resilient and stubborn that once they are in attack mode, they hardly stop until either their victim or themselves die or is incapacitated.

There are certain guidelines to follow if one gets attacked by a violent dog. Firstly, he or she should remain calm and still. It is advised that one should not run. Instead, back away slowly.

Also, avoid eye contact with an aggressive dog. Also, never smile at a dog in attack mode.

Content created and supplied by: TroyFernandez (via Opera News )

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