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Photos Of Ronaldo, Messi, Aguero And Other Famous Footballers With Their Pet Dogs

The dogs you find around you are domesticated descendants of wolf. As discussed in my previous article, dog owners have different motives for taking such decisions, which could be motivated by security consciousness or the need to have a pet. In that article, I talked about the various breeds of dogs which you can get if you are in need of a guard or security dog.

But sometimes dog owners do not really need the dogs as guards but as pets, which they can play with and relate with almost the same way they do with humans. A lot of people have come to realize the importance of having dogs in your home, as the number of dog owners keep increasing. Some own as much as four, five or six dogs.

Some of the famous people you know are also dog owners and that includes footballers. While some of them may have guard dogs, others have pet dogs.

So here are photos of eleven famous footballers with their let dogs.

1. Marcelo Vieira

2. Raphael Varane

3. Ivan Rakitic

4. Diego Godin

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

6. Lionel Messi

7. James Rodriguez

8. Antoine Griezmann

9. Sergio Aguero

10. Neymar Jr

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