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5 Dogs that are more powerful than a pit-bull

Pit-bull are one of the most strongest and agile dog breeds in the world.They have muscular body and are very intelligent. I will be listing other dog breeds that are stronger than the pit bull.

1. Rottweiler: They are bigger stronger and more agile than the pit bull. It has a more powerful bite force than the pit bull which is around 280 pounds to 320 pounds which is twice the weight of the rottweiler themselves. Rottweiler weigh twice as much to the pit bull. Once the rottweiler bite the pit bull it is enough for the pit bull to die.

2. Caucasian shepherd dog: This breed of dogs are great companion to humans. They were bred to take care of farmer’s flock. This breed of dog is known to chase bears and other wild animals because of its territorial nature. They are bigger than a pit-bull and also the muscular strength of this breed legs is stronger than a pit-bull jaws.

3. Dogo-argentino: This breed of dogs are known for their strong muscles. They are often used for game hunting. They are powerful and athletic dog breed. They are larger than a pit-bull.They are loyal and defensive when it comes to protecting their owner.

4. English mastiff: They are large in size and have a huge head. They are generally not aggressive and are known for their friendly nature. On average a mastiff weigh 250 pounds and have a bite force of up to 552 psi while the pit-bull weighs 60 pounds. The English mastiff is way stronger than the pit-bull.

5.  Kangal shepherd dog: These breeds of dogs originated from turkey. It is large and has a very strong bone density. They are used to protect sheep's and other flocks in the farm. They are very aggressive and are known to kill wolves on their own. It way stronger than a pit-bull. It has a bite force of 743 psi. They can kill a pit-bull easily.

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