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What To Do When A Dog Aggressively Advances Towards You

I have been attacked by a loose Rottweiler dog. I was on a hike with my nine year old boy and my dog windy a golden retriever.

When we were passing by the plant nursery gate, the guard dog attacked us. It approached us with lightning speed. It was so fast that I saw a black shadow approaching us. When he grabbed windy and flipped her my brain could distinguish the dog figures. Miraculously her metal leash slipped from her neck. While subduing my dog and about to bite her neck to suffocate her, I hit the Rottweiler as hard as I can with the metal leash. It must have been very painful. He let windy go, stood up, stared at me, and ran back to the nursery. We all survived the attack unharmed. Only the Rottweiler left with a big bruise on his head.

My experience shows that a companion dog will get the attention of the attacking dogs. This gives you time to run away, to load your weapon, or to use a metal leash to beat the attacker. Use your dog to gain a few precious seconds. If there were two attacking dogs I believe I would have lost the battle. For this reason, I licensed a gun and I now carry it hidden in my backpack on every hike.

Beware that guns bully people. Hide them and preferably walk with groups to avoid having to carry guns. If attacked by dogs from a distance, shoot above the dogs to deter them. Dogs are valued by their owners. If attacked by dangerous dogs such as pit bulls, Rottweilers, or German Shepherds from a short distance shoot the damn dogs. Usually, the alpha dog is the front runner. If you shoot it, you will deter the remaining dogs in the pack.

If you don’t have a distraction such as a companion dog, you may not have time to defend yourself.

The nursery gate from where the dog charged at us. We were about 20 feet (7 meters) down the dirt road.

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