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10 Interesting Facts Which You Need to Know

There are lots of knowledge in this world that lots of people, do not know or do not care about discovering so today I have compiled over 10 fun facts which everyone should know because it is very very helpful. like they say "knowledge is power".

Below are 10 fun facts which you should take note of as from today

1. Did you know that Charles Darwin the biologist had a pet tortoise which lived for 176 years old and died just recently in 2006.

2. Did you know that if you are staying close to a river or a sea which contains a blue whale, if you listen carefully you'll be able to hear its heartbeat.

3. The word "Mafia" was gotten from a criminal organisation in a particular country.

4. Did you know that according to statistics, people who spend millions of dollars on their wedding are more likely to get divorced than people who go for cheaper weddings.

5. Did you know that diabetic patients bodys arecurrently not capable to break down sugar, so therefore in some extreme cases their urine taste very sweet. that is why if a diabetic person urinate you will see insects gathering in it.

6. In the country called Switzerland, it is a great crime to own just one guinea pig. now this is because this animals are seen to be highly abused so therefore it is bad to leave them alone, so people are told to have multiple amount of guinea pigs in their house.

7. Did you know that in a university in Canada there's a course where they study Cristiano Ronaldo for 4 years, it is a sociology course.

8. Did you know what that human beings are likely the only animals or organisms that enjoy spicy food.

9. Did you know that it often rains diamonds in the planet Saturn and the planet Jupiter.

10. Did you know that one of the food that doesn't spoil no matter how long it is going to be left is "honey".

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