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3 Dog Breeds That Rarely Bark

It is safe to say that dogs are the best friend of man as they are known to be loyal to their owners and also friendly with outsiders they don't deem harmful to them.

You might have never thought that there are dogs that don't or almost doesn't bark because the dog(s) you see around or have at home usually barks.

Well don't be too surprised, there are dog breeds that usually don't bark and are more quiet by nature than other breeds.

Also, if you have been looking for a dog that doesn't bark much, maybe to avoid the issues that barking dogs causes between neighbours in where you live, you will find out in this piece the dog breeds you can buy.

Here are three (3) breeds of dogs that don't usually bark;

1. Basenji

When talking about the quietest dogs, the basenji will be a good one to start with.

This dog is known not to bark and even when it does, its barking is usually compared to laughter. 

Also, it is an African breed and a good companion that you can go on long walks or stroll with.

2. Newfoundland

Ever heard of this dog breed, I doubt so.

Anyways, now you've heard and it will be interesting for you to know that aside the fact this dog barely barks, labeled "a nice dog", it is also a good rescue dog.

Newfoundlanders are known to love water and have good qualities of lifeguarding.

When swimming, if you are the type that can't swim well, you can have this dog around you to be your rescuer incase something goes wrong.

3. Labrador Retriever

This may not be a very famous dog but it made the list of dogs that don't or barely barks.

It is also a very playful and affectionate dog, which in a way, explains the reason why it barely barks as it tends to be a happy dog.

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