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Check Out 11 Times Animals Were Caught In Funny And Unusual Positions

If you are a lover of Animals, you would notice alot of unique and lovely things about them. These Animals were made to keep us company, to make us happy and put smiles on our faces. Alot of people even see these Animals as a part of their family, they don't harm them no matter how dangerous they are.

Some people even keep some wild Animals as their pets, they train them and tame them to love and obey their owners. These days if you go to some houses, you would see people living with different kinds of dangerous or domestic Animals. Ranging from living with Cattles,to living with Lions, Snakes, Monkeys, bears and many more Animals.

There are times that these Animals are caught doing the craziest and funniest of things, they are caught in amazing positions that would make you wish you had a camera. Some of these Animals do weird things on a daily basis and if it wasn't caught on camera you won't believe it actually happened.

Some people are actually lucky and they captured these funny moments on camera, you would see pictures that were taken at just the right time. Some of these pictures look like the Animals actually posed for the pictures, and they just came out amazing. See pictures below;

1. Picture of this Lion and Lioness looks like they are having an argument and the Lioness is just tired of her Husband nagging.2. Who says Animals are not shy, well this little bird looks a bit shy3. These Bears look like they are about to start dancing to a cool song4. Nothing much to see here, just a Polar bear saying hello

5. This Penguin looks like it is giving out directions to the other lost Penguin beside him6. These Hippos are just being silly7. This Bear looks like he is just being frustrated

8. This Squirrel was taken at the right time and the picture looks beautiful9. This is my favourite Picture, it looks like the Lion and Lioness are in a deep conversation and her seriously laughing10. This Hippo looks like it is half Peacock and half hippo

11. This adorable Squirrel can pass off as a Traffic Warden saying Stop

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