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"If You Have Cat As A Pet Take Note Of This" - Online Doctor

As human, we all have individual likeness and priority. Every individual is always after what makes them happy or brings happiness into their life.

In this present days, people adopted different kind of animals as pet, Some cherished having dog, cat, cub(a baby lion), snake e.t.c. One of the most common animals people do kept as pet is cat. As we all know, cat is a very friendly animals that can be kept as companion. Having cat as a pet goes with some factors which one needs to take note.

An Online Medical personnel who goes by the Twitter username @firstdoctorr has took to his Twitter page to share some serious health hazard that goes with keeping a cat as pet. His tweets goes like this;

"Avoid cat bites, scratches & fleas.

The germ Bartonella henselae lives in cats & can be transferred to humans, causing fever, blisters, swollen nodes, etc.

This disease is called cat scratch fever.

It can be gotten from animal bites, stings, or saliva."

So if your cat do scratch you, you need to be very careful and reduce your closeness with it. Don't let ignorance lead you to regression, take necessary steps now to live a healthy life.

Do well by sharing this with your friends and loved ones.

Stay safe.

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