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"I Just Want To Remind You That Lions Are Not Pets" - Man Who Loves Spending Time With Lions (Video)

For some time now, we have been seeing a quite good number of celebrities acquiring lions as their pets. Although, I still do not understand why they left animals like cats, dogs, and a good number of widely known domestic animals, to go and choose lions as their pets.

In fact, there are some notable Nigerians who also own Lions as pets, without considering the danger attached to the whole drama. However, an animal expert, Dean Schneider, who is purely focused on lions, and also has some Lions as his friends, uploaded a video on his Twitter page. In the video, Dean showed bruises on his body and face. Also in the video, Dean said that he has decided to make people understand, and never forget that no matter how much or best a lion is domesticated, it can never be a pet.

Dean who is popularly known as the Lion King, has uploaded hundreds of videos of him with his lion friends. He could always be seen in a rather scary positions with his Lions. There are many times he has been caught playing roughly with these animals. Unfortunately, sometimes, things get bloody during his playtime with these animals, and because of this, he urged people to always be careful around these animals, especially if you have one as a pet.

He further explained that Lions have very strong claws, with very formidable canine teeth, and because of this, they sometimes injure him unintentionally while playing with him. See the video Dean uploaded by clicking on this link below.

Despite the fact that Dean is an expert in his field, he is still getting injured badly when he is spending time with his Lions. I cannot just imagine how most lion owners would manage to stay safe around these animals.

I once asked myself why do many of these celebrities choose to buy Lions as pets, when they could actually get a very good, beautiful dog. Then something hinted me that it probably makes them look superior, very funny!

I hope someone does not get eaten one day.

Article source: Twitter_Dean Schneider

Photo source: Google photos

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