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A Dog that understands Yoruba language (video)

Dogs are man's best friend, they have learned to obey instructions given to them by their human owners over the years. A properly trained dog can understand and obey commands in any language that is used in it's initial training process.

In Nigeria where the official language is English, most of the dogs in the country are trained using the English language, it is quite rare for dog owners to train their dogs using any of the native language, most especially in urban centers.

A particular dog has become an overnight internet celebrity after videos of him taking and executing instructions from his owner in Yoruba language surfaced online.

The dog owner recorded the video of his adorable dog carrying out instructions in Yoruba language. In the video, the owner of the dog instructed the dog to "Dobale" which means to Prostrate in Yoruba language, and to the amazement of online users, the dog actually understood his owner and laid down flat on the ground.

Also, the dog was instructed to "dide" which means to stand up in Yoruba, the dog obeyed and stood up with joy. The dog owner further gave numerous other instructions in Yoruba language, including "Soro soke" which means to speak up in Yoruba, to which the dog understood and obeyed by barking louder.

As a Dog owner myself, I must say that this is quite an impressive feat on the part of the dog owner, because I can't even get my dog to do anything in English language, talk more of getting it to understand my native tongue.

The video has been shared by thousands of online users who were impressed with what they saw.

Watch the video here:

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