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If you see any of these 2 insects, don't kill it, they are worth millions; see their prices

For the past years, humans have considered most insects to be worthless except the Bee which is the main source of horny, but today it has been made known that most insects now worth millions of Naira and dollars around the world.

But all those years and even now humans kill and look down insects as worthless living creatures, but today a Stag Beetle worth about 34 Million Naira and a beautiful butterfly called Ornithoptera alexandrae, so if you come across them in the bush don't kill them it your chance of becoming a millionaire.

1. Ornithoptera alexandrae

The Ornithoptera alexandrae is one of the largest butterfly species around the world, the Ornithoptera alexandrae is well known as the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, and they are mostly found in the Oro Forest, in the eastern part of Papua, New Guinea, but luckily you can probably find it in Nigeria.

According to reports, the Ornithoptera alexandrae worth about $10,000, about 4 million Naira in Nigeria currency, and they can live a life span of about 3 months and can lay about 240 eggs during does period and you can be able to see and catch them between 8am and 5pm during the month of June and September.

2. Stag Beetle

The Stag Beetle is one of the common insects in Nigeria and most children in Nigeria villages eat these insects after roasting them on fire, the Stag Beetle is a family of about 1,200 species of beetles and the Stag Beetles is harmless despite their large Scarry jaw.

The Stag Beetles feed on decaying wood, leaves and nectar, they can live up 7 years.

Today a Stag Beetle can make you a millionaire if being caught and sold in the black market, the Stag Beetles worth about 34 million Naira now in Nigeria, so don't harm them or eat them you can become a millionaire if you happen to catch a Stag Beetle.

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