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IK Ogbonna's Son, Ace, Shows Off His Lovely Pet Dog

Dogs are animals, but they have a special place in the hearts of both kids and adults. Dogs If properly trained, can provide valuable benefits to mankind. Such dogs are known as pet Dogs.

Dogs are fun to be with. They play, wrestle and can keep our kids company through the day, just like Ace's dog is doing today.

In line with this, Ace Ogbonna's mother, Sonia took to her instagram page to show off her son as he hugs his pet Dog today. Just so you know, Ace is the son of the Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna.

Obviously, Ace is enjoying the company of his pet Dog. Basically, when parents are not ready to give birth to another child, it is paramount to get a dog to keep their child company.

There are numerous breeds to fit any type of personality. For kids, smaller pet dogs are preferable. I tell you, with proper training, Dogs are wonderful addition to any family.

Pet Dogs make kids responsible in a way that they learn how to feed, provide water, and in some cases bath the dog without the help of anyone.

The main essence of having a pet dog is for companionship. While parents are occupied with stuffs, pet Dogs keep their kids busy and entertained all through.

The funny part is, Dogs can greet you with a wagging tail, and to an extent, cheer you up even on your worst day.

Do you have a pet Dog? How do you relate with it?

Photo credit: Instagram

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