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Meet Humain Albuqaish, An Arabian Man Who Took Wild Animals As Pets, See Cute Pictures

In the world, most people love keeping home animals as pet as they are friendly and very fun to play with. Many keep Dogs, Cats, Goats and other local animals as pets as they are cute and are very friendly especially Dogs who are human friendly.

However, while many keep the local animal as Pets, an Arabian man, Humain Abdulla Albuqaish keeps wild animals as pets and these pets, wild animals like Lions, Tigers, Bears and other wild animals. Humain Abdulla Albuqaish is an Arabian who keeps wild animals as pets and recognised by many for being an exotic wild animals owner.

Humain is very friendly with these wild animals as he is always seen playing, bathing, and even sometimes wresting with them that got many people surprised and scared for his life. However, Humain seems to have trained this wild animal to be very friendly with him as they trusted him and he also trusts his wild animals.

The Arabian sometimes put his hands into the mouth of his wild animals, and they would do nothing to him.He sometimes put his head into the mouth of the Lion, and it won't do anything to him. I don't know if you can call it stupidity or call it a sheer of braveness but Humain is surely not afraid of his wild animals, and he always flaunt them on his more than 1 million followers Instagram page.

I have seen many people only keeping local animals as pets but still seem surprised about this Arabian who is keeping wild animals, like Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Bears and other wild animals as pets. It's braveness because most of the stories we heard about wild animals are that they are very dangerous but here they even look not dangerous to this man.

Would you also love to have a wild animal as Pet? Or would you love to try putting your head or hand in his tigers or Lion?

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