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Funny picture of how to jump from airplane once in a lifetime and more funny memes

Picture speaks louder than voice, so you just have a look at the pictures below to makes yourself laugh and happy, because laughing is the medicine for the mind and soul, so you need to take the pills for burning the grudge in your mind.

Now check the picture below.

It's kinda funny, imagine someone explaining how to jump from airplane to you and later said it's just once in a lifetime 😂 without telling you, you should know after jumping from the plane you're going straight to the grave, so don't listen to it not to talk of trying it.

With the look of this dog and the owner tell you to come inside he's friendly 😂

This is totally bad luck, for digging tunnel for months up to a year and later Burst in guards room

Very clever girl

When there's nobody to tackle him, why won't him score hundred. But it's not possible just to makes you laugh

Lol, some of you girls will relate to this

Stay away from smoking


It's seems someone is practicing soapy in the bathroom, lol

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