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Opinion: If You Are Attacked By A Dog, Do These 4 Things To Stay Safe

Dogs are mostly used as a form of security, for houses and organizations, this is because dogs possess violent behaviors which is an advantage against criminals. But if they are not properly trained, they can be dangerous to even their owners.

Well, you should know that dogs are animals. Some dogs don't think twice before barking at, and attacking strangers, even if you don't pick at them, that is why you must learn how to handle such situations.

In this article, we will be looking at things you should do if you want to stay safe from dog assaults.

1. Stand Your Ground

This is the first step you must take, if you are scared, the dog will notice. Stand your ground, and don't run. If you do, the dog will chase after you, and we all know how that feels.

2. Use Sand As A Weapon

Naturally, dogs are scared of sand, some will even withdraw if they see your hand touching the ground, you must be very smart. Bend down and pack some sand with your hands, if the dog persists, splash the sand directly at it.

3. Make It Scared

Just the way a dog can be scary to us, you can also be scary to them. How will you this? Easy, shout at the dog. This will make it scared, and it will likely withdraw.

4. Call For Its Owners

This is the last move to make, try to call out for its owners to put the dog under control once again.

Thank you, share with friends and educate them.

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