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10 mythological creatures that may have existed

I have always been a fan of creative works,science fiction,fantasy and the likes and often wondered if some of these has an iota of truth in them. Well,it turns out I was right, Not all of what you see in movies are products of imagination, some were downright real and spine chilling. I have got a top ten list of these creatures and I'll start with the most famous of them all.


This Blood sucking vampire was based of a real man called "Vlad the impaler" or "Vlad Dracula". Vlad was a Romanian prince that would torture and kill his enemies by impaling them and then consuming their blood (yes,he drank blood) ,however,his movie counterpart "Dracula" was slightly exaggerated with the power of flight, vulnerability to sunlight, super speed, super strength and the likes. Vlad Dracula's reputation for cruelty inspired the name of Vampire count Dracula

2. Hobbits

Well,I'm sure you must have seen the movie. Anyway,the remains of mine bodies was discovered in Indonesia. Each skeleton was only about three feet tall, having skulls one third of a normal human beings. Weighing just about 60 pounds. Dating results showed them to be about twelve to eighteen thousand years ago and were identified to be a separate specie of human kind.

3. Mobi Dick

In reality, dick was a white sperm whale (no pun intended) named "Moca dick" . Moca was named after mocha islands, He was an albino whale that had issues of extreme aggressiveness and destroyed whaling ships that tried to kill it. Well, Mocha/ Moca was eventually killed by whalers in 1838. He had 19 harpoons in his body. Since then ,movie versions have been made.

4. Berserkers

Have u head of the phrase "going berserk" . It is somewhat like an endless fit of rage. Berserkers were known to fight in an endless trance-like fury. It is believed that their strength and bloodlust was caused by either working themselves or self induced by being intoxicated. The Norse form "berserkr" likely means "bear-shirt" someone who wears a cloth made from skinning a bear, until 13th century when it was changed to "bare shirt" someone who goes to battle without armour.

5. Kraken

Well,if you are familiar with "clash of the Titans" or Greek mythology, you would have heard about the kraken. A sea creatures that rivaled the Titans and probably the gods of Olympus. The kraken would be a more likely choice to be a summon for poseidon. The actual kraken is not part of any traditional Greek myth. A colossal Squid was discovered in a southern ocean, measuring 46 foot (14 metres) with suckers, also equipped with limbs lined with rows of sharp hooks. This creature was first found in Tokyo (I wonder what Godzilla would think about this, well,that one never existed ,good thing for man kind anyway).

6.African Unicorn

Definitely not magical or having a long singular horn on it's head like in fairy tales. It has an upper body of a deer ( "has" because it still exists in Equatorial Africa) and a lower body of a zebra, but is actually a species of giraffe.

7. Dire wolf

Have you watched game of thrones? Dire wolves existed quite a long time ago and were stronger , much larger , and equipped with sharper teeth than wolves of today. There was just one class called Megafuana.

8. Amazons

I just watched wonder woman and I was not impressed with this year's version. What's your take on it?. You must have also seen "Xena, warrior princess". Amazons were a mythological tribe made of fierce woman warriors. Graves that were discovered in Eurasia revealed battle-damaged female skeletons buried with bows,swords and other weapons. An exciting find actually, think about it. One would also wonder if Atlantis and the atlanteans were real (yeah, I watched Aquaman too,also a fan of Marvel's prince Namor).


You must have never heard of it, which is understandable because it originated as a Korean legend. It was probably just a native name or mistaken for the Titanoboa. The gigantic Titanoboa was 46 feet (14 metres) and weighed over a ton ( 907 kg) with a bite force of 400 PSI (quite impressive for a snake-like creature). It could swallow a human whole ,without showing signs of any bulge. The anaconda of today measures about 17 feet at it's best and we all know how huge that snake is. The largest reticulated python was 24 ft ,longer than an anaconda but not heavier and it still pales in comparison to the Titanoboa.

10. Dragons

I know right? I should have as well mentioned the dinosaurs instead,because those were real. I am not saying fire breathing enormous dragons existed though, however,there were real animals that could reasonably be called dragons. For example,the magalania was the biggest lizard known to science, they grew up to 30ft and weighed about 4500 lbs and could spit venom. They existed along humans and their origins could have given birth to the tale of dragons, though exaggerated. Their younger cousin's (so I'll like to call them ) exist today as komodo dragons. They live in Indonesia and grow up to 10 ft.

Other notable mention include the Leviathan. Of course there's no picture of this but u can get a description from the bible itself

Isaiah 27:1, job 3:8 , psalm 74:14

Though may have just been used as a metaphor

My favourite job 41: 1 -34 apart from the description of it's sheer size and nigh- invulnerable skin, verse 19 also describes fire breathing

Content created and supplied by: Hypa_Lorenzo (via Opera News )

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