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Lions Are Not "King Of The Jungle", See Other Lies You Believe About Lions And The Truth.

The timeless and numerous images of Lions has sparked many myths all over the world. Most people see Lions as a symbol of power and majesty but let's take a looks at some famous beliefs and myths and how true they are.

1. Lion King.

Despite what classic movies and some cinema may want you to believe, Lion prides do not have any sorta king, or a Mufasa or Simba who is believed to be in charge of all lions. Instead, lions live in an egalitarian society where there are no ranking at all.

2. King of the jungle.

You most definitely have heard or believe that lions are king of the jungle. However, this could not be more misleading as lions do not even live in the jungle.

Lions live in scrubland, savannahs, rocky hills and even grasslands but never in the jungle. If you call them "king of beasts", no problem.

3. Females do the hunting.

The common perception is that the males sleep all day while the females do the hunting. However, this isn't completely true. Lions are able to hunt for themselves even though their primary role is to protect the territory.

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