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For Smart People: Disadvantages Of Misusing Your Knowledge Part 1

In this world, I must say that nearly almost everything that has an advantage have a disadvantage even your knowledge.

Solomon in the Bible was known to be a very wise man but at first, he made good use of his wisdom and later started marrying lot of wives which people at that point didn't know he would do.

In this article, we would be looking at two or three disadvantages of misusing your knowledge.

1. The world would be at risk: The risks depends on your position and ability, if you are misusing your knowledge for a bad or dangerous thing (Just like China), the world would be at greater risk.

2. Innocent people would suffer: No matter what you do, please think about the people around you because you may hurt innocent people and may receive rains of curses or even worse, their blood would be upon you (if they die)

3. Bad image: You would have a very bad reputation no natter who you are or what you can do.

Pls follow me to Stay tuned for part 2. It promises to be better and more explanatory than this one.

#Stay safe

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