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'' People don't like introverts '' See different people's opinion on extroverts and introverts.

Who are extroverts

According to word web, extroverts are a group of people known to be lively and outgoing. They are people concerned more with physical realities than with inner thoughts and feelings.

Who are introverts

 Introverts are a group of people perceived to be quiet, withdrawn, or shy. According to researchers, introverts make up about one third of the earth's population.


In today's society introverts are tagged 'weird' because of their seemingly different lifestyles. Most times, they are forced to act in the manner in which extroverts do. It is also sometimes believed that extroverts tend to be more successful in life because of their dominating and outspoken nature.

   However this is not true as introverts and extroverts have equal opportunities to be successful in life.

I took a survey on WhatsApp and got some interesting opinions on people's view of introversion and extroversion.

Most people on my list however believed they are introverted by nature.

This person below believes he is introverted.

He also says he has lost some opportunities because he is an introvert and he is working on himself to avoid loosing other opportunities in the future. Here are the screenshots below:

This next person wants to change the fact he is an introvert because he believes everyone loves people that are open. Here is what he has to say;

Here are other people's opinion on the question 'do you think extroverts are more likely to succeed in life and have better opportunities than introverts?

1. Beautifully said! Don't you think?

2.He also believes everyone has equal opportunities.

3. This extrovert believes introverts are more likely to succeed in life.

4.this other person disagrees, he says extroverts spend too much time socializing rather than working on themselves.

5. Lastly this person here has a lot of things to share on this issue. here is what he has to say,

This are all what they have to say on their views on introverts and extroverts.

I personally believe that everybody is different in their own way and with proper understanding of one's self they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

People should learn to embrace who they are.

What are your takes on this issue?

Do you agree or disagree?

Feel free to join the conversation and share your opinions in the comment section below!

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