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African philosophy; what do you know about it

What do u know about African philosophy? Or are you also of the view that Africans have no philosophy? This has been the case since the advent of colonial rule to the extent that Africans now look down on themselves too.

Let us start with what philosophy is. That term is used daily but most of us do not even understand it's meaning. Philosophy can be seen as a critical, rational and analytical study of the meaning and fundamental problems of life and existence. Some people are of the view that philosophy has no generally accepted definition. I also concur to that. You might be wondering how this affects you. It does really because the relevance of philosophy cannot be overlooked. It is the overall basis for reasoning and every other subject.

Now on African philosophy. We've been hearing of the fathers of this course. None of them Africans. We know of Socrates, Thales Aristotle and so on. All these people have contributed in one way other to the evolution of this world thru their philosophies. Those of Africans have been totally overlooked considering us as people with no culture and nothing to contribute. But the truth is that we have really contributed a lot even to the development of the Third World.

African philosophy can be seen as consisting of the study of the general reflection of Africans, their world views and life experiences. When we look into these things we find out that Africans have even greater abilities than we ever thought. This is my humble take on this. However I leave you with this question, dear reader:

Do you believe in African philosophy?

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