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Interpretation Of Dreams: If You Are Confused About Your Dreams, Read This To Clear Your Confusion.

Nigerian ranks number 91 on the world spirituality index and in our rich diverse cultural heritage, there are certain meanings given to dreams from our elders, spiritual heads or sometimes parents. Personally, i dream a lot and i always try to find the meaning behind my dreams from my spiritual mentor, mum or anyone that i know is more knowledgeable than i am in this aspect.

Most times interpretations of dreams are done using colors, places, fruits, numbers, actions,dressing, plants and even the weather, it sounds crazy right? Some parents try to teach their children their perspective of dreams based off on how the said knowledge was passed down to them by their own parents, others learn interpretation of dreams from books and sermons, some learn form conversations and hearsay, while the rest just talk for the feel of "make e be say i tok". The key thing is, among the given interpretations there are some that are widely accepted by Society.

These days the average Nigerian youth just wants to dream about money and American or Canadian visa or the latest Benz "#Godnogoshameus" gang, as much as i'm a partaker of the mentioned gang as hilarious as that sounds, i find it important to know what dreams signifies. Based off on the most generally accepted interpretations in the country, i'll be focusing on just four parts in today's article. Whenever you dream of color, fruits, numbers and weather below is a quick interpretation of what it is;


RED: means danger, blood. also witchcraft, life.

BLUE: holy spirit, peace, calm, wisdom, depression.

GREEN: fruitfulness, growth, presence of life,envy.

WHITE: purity, also holy spirit,presence of God.

PURPLE: royalty, wealth, hypocritical friends.

YELLOW: wisdom, deceit, unclean.

BLACK: death, storm, blindness.

BROWN: spiritual deadliness, lack of guidance,

Depending on the circumstances you find yourself on in the dream with these one can be able to denote what it mean in some way.


BANANA OR PLANTAIN : (if fresh ) marital fruitfulness, happiness, good-luck.(if spoilt) bad omen, negativity and obstacle.(plantation) witchcraft coven. serves as a meeting point of witches.

ORANGE : Good wealth, positive output from your work, time to reap the fruits of your work. (if spoilt) curse, impending troubles (tree) fruitfulness, longevity, strong healthy relationships.

PEAR: (ripe)money flow, healing process, marital bliss, (unripe) bad luck and loss, miscarriage.

Okra: if you're plucking okra it means you're prosperous,fruitful and male children. if you're eating it it means stagnancy, laziness, future troubles.

Take note that there are plenty other fruits and these meanings are broad on another article i hope to go further into more fruits after my research as well as explaining actions and how read to these signs according to how you see it in your dreams.


1- unity, new beginning

3- holy trinity, perfect stronghold, productivity

4-earth symbol, connectivity to the minerals, strong bond to the earth.

5- grace

7-perfection, completeness.

Before you come at me, please take note that i'm simply penning down the ones that are generally known and accepted and i'm open to contributions.

lastly we'll talk about weather.


RAIN: signifies showers of blessing, abundance and inner peace.

RAINBOW : end of bad times, reward.

THUNDERSTORM: trials and tribulations, dangerous times, progress shift.

SUNLIGHT:good fortune, divine strength and power, success.

DARKNESS: death, illness, long trying times.

SUNSET: Face a lot of problems in the future. beginning of trouble ,end of life.

SUNRISE: joy, beginning of peace and tranquility.

With time as said earlier, we'll delve fully into actions and occurrences in dreams and what they mean.

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