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Need protection from all evils, here is what to do.

Understand, that with control and carefulness one can be safe. But there are some invincible weapons, moving up and down in search of people to strike; which are not visible to people. Only prayers, can makes a person to be saved out of the hands of these weapon.

For a person to be protected, and walk safely here is what to do.

I know almost everyone understands, the key of prayers. But there is something that needed to walk with prayers, anytime a person intends to pray.

Bible words are much more powerful, it works like swords upon enemies of souls. Praying with Bible verses is very important.

Special Bible words, to use whenever a person want to pray; which I will say that this Bible verses, must to be used everyday with prayers.

Words of Bible are extremely strong, to break any yoke. To understand how to use it you need a very concentrated mind, and a strong believe to any Bible verse.

Well, every Bible verses is good to pray for any trouble/ problem, a person might faced on Earth. But a very special Bible name, which everyone knows to be the major keys to prayers in the Bible is the psalm of David.

This psalm stand out in the Bible;

For anyone who needs protection, from any kind of evil things happening daily around. Here is the Psalms to read, and a guarantee of safety will be assured.

Psalm 121: this psalm is good to use early in the morning, or at midnight for requesting of protection, over everything owned. It can be read one, thrice or more than the times, Accord to the faith of individual and the time the angel working over protections, will want to hears it.

Psalm 91: also, this psalm works for protection of mankind. With faith this psalm can be chant, once or thrice and as more time a person want to chant it, with very strong faith. It can drive away any evils of different types, and bring safety to a person according to a verse, in the Bible says "a thousand shall fall at the side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee". With faith upon these words , do not think anyone should be afraid of anything again. As the protection is strong upon anyone that put faith on it. Be blessed and be saved.

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