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Costly Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

There are some mistakes that can be very hard to amend or even can't be corrected once they have occurred.

No one wants to encounter any mistake in life, yet it is true that mistakes open your eyes to learn what you may not learn from anyone. However, there are some mistakes that must be avoided in life, not because there's nothing to learn when they occure, but because the damages those mistakes can introduce may be irreversible.

There are some mistakes that can ruin one's destiny forever, there are some that can destroy families, marriages, relationship, career and even waste life.

Nothing gives true happiness than a fulfilled life. But one costly mistake can impede your success in life and kill your dreams.

Many are suffering today just because of one costly mistake, some people have lost their spouses, friends, relationship, connections, as well as their lives just because of a costly mistake they made.

One costly mistake can affect many generations, one costly mistake can kill vision, one costly mistake can keep a family under eternal bondage, one costly mistake can rob one his or her posssesion forever.

I don't know the mistakes you have made that is affecting your life, family, career, destiny etc, I have a good news for you, there's a place where your mistakes don't become your end no matter how costly they may appear, a place where you can be safe after it all. A place where your past mistakes don't count.

There's a place where your strength can be renewed, a place of consolation, there's a place of amendment and recovery.

You may have made a mistake in your marriage, career, relationship etc, but I want to let you know that if you will commit your life to Jesus and ask him to take over your life, marriage, business, relationship etc, you will begin to realize that those errors will be handled and your joy be restored.

God Himself speaking in Jer.32.27 saying, Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Indeed there's nothing too hard for our Almighty God, in Him, your life can be perfected. God is always ready to welcome you because He loves you

Stop crying and complaining about the decision you deliberately took, are you regretting about the marriage or relationship you accepted, or whatever error you have made that is negatively affecting your life and destiny, just come to God and lay them down to Him for He always know what to do.

I pray that those mistakes that have made you cry, or turned you to a slave instead of a master will become miracles in your life and family and you will testify to the Glory of God in Jesus'name...

Glory Chidimma Ojingwa (Glorified)

(CEO Glorified Motivational and Counselling Clinic)

Making your dreams realities..

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