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If you do not remember your dream, do these 2 things

Dreams are means in which God reveals something to people. The plans of the devil are also being revealed to people through dreams. This is why the devil tries to fight against your dream life so you won't remember anything that was revealed to you in the dream.

Living in the world without remembering your dreams is very dangerous especially for those that has a great destiny and star. The reason why it is dangerous is the person that doesn't remember his or her dream will not be guided and directed and will probably fall into the wrong hands where his or her destiny may be tempered with. Some of you maybe thinking of the things you should do if you do not remember your dream but the good news is that you are at the right place and reading the right article.

If you do not remember your dreams, there are 2 things you need to do in order to start remembering your dreams and those 2 things are listed below. 

1. Do not stress yourself excessively:

Stress also makes one not to remember hisor her dream at all. Some of my friends has told me about them sleeping and waking up without them noticing that they slept. Some of them often say that whenever they plan to sleep for 5 minutes in the night, they noticed that there will definitely end up sleeping for 5 hours thinking they slept for 5 minutes. If they had remembered their dreams while sleeping, there would have noticed that they slept for more than 5 minutes but there didn't remember their dreams because of the stress they passed through during the day. This mostly happens to students that force themselves to read at night. They have stressed themselves to the extent that there won't remember their dreams at all anytime they fall asleep. So, if you want to prevent sleeping without remembering your dream, do not stress yourself excessively. I know it is impossible for one to prevent stress but try to prevent excessive stress in order for you to remember your dream.

2. Pray:

The main agent that makes you not to remember your dreams is the devil because the secret to your success will be revealed to you through dreams and his plans will also be revealed to you. The way to stop or fight the devil that is fighting against your dream life and making not remember your dreams is through prayers. Whenever you pray, you are actually fighting in the spiritual realm and also communicating with God. If you have faith, with prayers, there is no impossibility. This is why you have to pray if you do not remember your dreams. 

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