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What we should know about vision.

Vision is the revelation of of a hidden fact. It may come inform of dream, trance or thought. Those who have this gift are given names such as: prophets, seers, astrologists, palmist etc.

The gift is appreciated by almost everyone due to characteristics. People are ready to travel as far as anywhere to meet whoever has the gift. They believe, when they see such persons the secret of their battle will be revealed. But they won't remember that, hearing the secret of one's battle is nothing but winning the battle.

Moreover, the gift of vision/prophecy are given directly from God to some people. In the Bible history, people like: Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elisha, Hagae, Samuel, Ezekiel etc had the gift directly from God. So, they were able to tell the secret. They didn't just tell the secret and stopped, they would as well provide Godly solutions.

God gives the gift of vision to His own persons to implicate enemies. He doesn't want the devil to have any hideout in the endeavors of His entire people. God's intention is to open the understanding of everyone to what the enemies can do.

Nevertheless, people began to love having the gift , becausee of the rate at which people run after those seers or prophets. Many other persons who actually don't have the gift are seriously searching for it. People are dropping their God given gifts to take up a vision telling gift, dangers therefore came through this deed.

Not everyone can see visions, not everybody can perform miracles, not everyone can teach perfectly, but this gift of vision seems to be the need of almost every preacher. From this curiosity, danger emanated.

Some go as far as meeting with the demons to be able to see and tell visions. Some, join occultic groups, some put themselves in unnecessary fasting and life-threatening prayers to be able know people's secrets. The percentage of the Godsent seers/prophets therefore falls below 45%.

It's really good to know the secret of certain hidden things. Infact, makes progress very easy. But do you know, there are persons who have been listening to visions since they were born but up till now, they have no possitive story to tell. Why don't you focus on God directly and pray. God will surely answer your prayers.

Thanks for reading through the article, please endeavour to live you comment.

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