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Will Nigeria ever be better?

I saw this headline on CCN instagram handle and I couldn't help but go through the entire news. 9 billion dollars in raises for health care workers and even non-medical health care workers in recognition for their work during the corona virus pandemic as ordered by the prime minister, Jean Castex. Though raise was triggered by the protest held by the French health care workers who were demanding better working conditions, the fact that the government body of the country deemed it fit to listen to their plea and come up with a solution shows how important the workers, as well as the life of the citizens matter to them. Now, that's bring me to this "motherland" called Nigeria. What exactly have we the citizens done to deserve this ill treatment from our leaders?. Even when we protest, they would make promises on promises and hardly keep to them and when they do, it's always partially and we would have to go into another protest again. Life and properties are not safe anymore. Everyone seem to be living on hope of a better Nigeria but I don't see a better Nigeria in another 50 years if we keep going like this. Now you would ask, what is the solution?, what must be done?. I would tell you with the image below;

This image just explains what we as Citizens, as Men, as Women, as Youth and as Children of this motherland should do. We all need to stand up! Not stand individually but stand up together, as one. Just one strong full force and all their little games would be over. For us to accomplish this, we need to first of all eradicate tribalism. Tribalism has eaten down into the roots of this country and it would take more than this article you're reading now to change it, but a little effort makes all the difference. Let's learn to accept all tribes, stop all the stereotypes and prejudice and love each tribe and one day; maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or in a 100 or 1000 years, we would come together and unite as one and stand up against this ill treatment we are receiving and scatter all their little dirty game. But until then, remember, in this country, it's all man for himself. Keep your head save, keep your pocket full. God bless Nigeria.

Thanks for reading.

Yours sincerely, Monkhan.

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