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John Adams: The First American President To Live In The White House

The American government has always been an enviable one since the inception of the nation. How situations affecting the welfare of the American people have been handled in the past has shown that every individual who becomes president holds the responsibility of taking care of the nation in high regard. However, for every individual who takes up this great mantle, comfort is provided for them by the nation. They are given the best clothing, the best food, the best appliances, and of course, the best homes. Known for its comfort, and its structural stability and security, the White House has been this said home. 

The white house is known all over the world, not just for its structure but for its provision for those who reside in it at intervals as stated by the American constitution. It is known as the base of power, the home and office of the American President Who is perhaps one of the most powerful men on the planet, as long as he carries the title of President. The office of the American president, his very home, and the location where tough decisions are made is a popular one but it didn't always exist. As far as the history of the American nation goes, the White House was constructed after the independence in 1792 and by the time it was done, at least a few Presidents had governed the nation from their homes. 

According to sources, construction on the White House started in 1792 at the recommendation of the First American president, George Washington. Washington along with few others had decided the need for the country to have a base point, a structure where the Presidents who are elected would stay for as long as they are Presidents. The recommendation of Washington was important, being the first president and the very general who led America to freedom against the Monarchy. Several designs were sent over to Washington's home where he and a few others assessed the plans, chose the best structure, including the plans for the rooms, secret compartments as I am sure you know exists, and they even chose a suitable location for it. 

Historical sources claim that among the designs sent to Washington, he chose one by an Irish-American Architect called James Hoban. While Washington himself never resided in the White House, he was very instrumental in the construction, facilitating its structural plans, ensuring he chose the right plans, called for the right use of instruments. Though there are claims that the workers who facilitated the otherwise quick construction of the White House were slaves who labored actively in quarries to provide building materials used in the construction of the White house. 

Among those who are said to have worked tirelessly in this regard are the Immigrants who had come to America seeking a better life. The immigrants were paid a fair wage, and so they worked quite tirelessly with several others for at least eight years until the white house was done. The construction of this magnificent structure we now see today on television was completed on November 1, 1800, and at the time, John Adams had emerged as President of the American nation after the 1796 elections, where He won over his competition, Thomas Jefferson. 

The interesting thing is that if the construction had finished just one year after, John Adams wouldn't have been the first to call the white house home. However, the exact year when his term was to expire, was when the construction was done, and he moved in by 1800. In fact, at the time he moved into the house, there were still artisans, painters, and furniture workers, who were still working tirelessly to ensure they finish up the house. It seemed the house hadn't been finished at the time he moved into the house, but at least he marked his name and record as the very first US president to move into what was once called "The President's House." 

Before Adams moved into the white house, he had stayed in a nearby hotel for months so it makes sense that he would move into the White House, as finishing touches were being done. Unfortunately, Adams was only able to spend a few months in the White House, since he lost the next election to Thomas Jefferson, who then moved into the American President's home as he was sworn in as president. Of course, History would still mark the fact that Adams was the first president to stay in the white house, even if he only spent a few months. The first remains the first and the only President who didn't stay in the White House was the first president of America, George Washington. 


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