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Nigerian Military Retirees Took To The Street Of Abuja To Protest About Their Entitlements (Photos)

The military retirees in Nigeria took to the street in Abuja to protest the non-payment of their entitlements or to stop every unnecessary deduction from their monthly benefits (pension).

It can be recounted that Nigerian military retirees in their numbers from different zones of the country gathered at Abuja to vent their angers through protest the ill-treatment being given to them after their retirement from service by the Government.

According to Mr. Anthony Gbaja Agbas, who is the leader of the Ex-servicemen and Family Welfare Association, chides the Federal Government for treating military retirees badly owning to the fact that it's the reason the country is still standing as one.

He added that over ninety-seven thousand (97,000) military retirees in the country didn't come over to the Federal Ministry of Finance at Abuja from their different zones to give out an ultimatum, but action that the welfare of military retirees be taken care of by the Government.

However, the Nigerian Military retirees, as a matter of fact, demanded that the following should be attended to by the Federal Government of Nigeria as touching their plights.

1. Consequential adjustment in their minimum wage

2. Payment of all withheld entitlements

3. Payment of their security debarment

Nevertheless, these are old men and women that had in previous past put their lives on the line to hold the country as one; by ensuring peace and stability. They also through their concerted effort helped to maintain the needed peace in Africa (ECOMOG).

In retirement, these men and women that had done so much for the country shouldn't have been treated this badly. They needed money to take good care of their health and to fend for themselves and families and as such, the Government should take the necessary steps to ensure their needs are met.

What are your opinions on how our veterans are treated here in Nigeria, and what advice do you have for the Government as touching this?

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