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Iran to help the international community in the face of the energy and food crisis caused by Russia

The Iranian government on Wednesday expressed its readiness to help the international community in the face of the energy and food crisis, aggravated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which was unleashed on 24 February on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hosein Amirabdolahian told a meeting of the D-8 - comprising Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey - that Tehran "is ready to assist the international community in dealing with the energy crisis and threats related to food insecurity".

"Our exemplary connectivity and transit position serve consumer markets. Moreover, as possessors of huge energy sources, we are ready to contribute to actions aimed at ensuring the security of energy supply," he stressed.

"We are ready to participate in a dialogue between producers and consumers" in the framework of an initiative presented by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, known as 'Gas for Global Economic Recovery after COVID-19'," Iran's Mehr news agency reported.

He stressed that Iran "has always supported collective efforts by developing countries to generate an efficient international economic system and to achieve economic growth and development and the welfare of the people".

"Iran is ready to put all its political, economic and cultural capabilities at the disposal of economic growth and development, as well as the advancement of shared values," he said.

Finally, Amirabdolahian stressed that "despite the illegal and unilateral economic measures by the US and the imposition of sanctions, Iran has achieved significant successes and great achievements in different areas, depending on its determination and power".

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