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Have You Heard About The Railway That Passes Through A Residential Building? Check It Out (Photos)

Did you ever know that there is a railway in China that passes through a residential building? This is a residential building in China where a passage was created in the middle of the building for a railway for train to pass through. It is not even on the ground, it was constructed at height higher than ground level.

Liziba is a rail station of Chongqing rail transit in Chongqing, China, it opened in 2004. The railway is located on the 6 to 8 floor of a 19 storey residential building. A special sound reduction equipment was constructed on the railway to eliminate station noise from affecting the residents of the building.

The rail station and the residential building were constructed as one whole structure, the railway was never constructed to pass through an already existing building.

See photos:

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China Chongqing Liziba


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