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Cultism: Some Important Positions In The Aye Confraternity

Many at times, when we hear the word Cultist, we always freak out due to some strange and weird stories we might have heard about them.

Well in this article today, I would be lecturing you about a popular cult group widely known in Nigeria as The Neo Black Movement (N.B.M) also called they BLACK AXE or AYE CULT.

Below is the official logo of the group which shows a hands been free from bondage.

Although the aim of cultism at first was to help, but it main purpose has been changed these days due to Illegal and Immoral acts that can be traced to their Members. It is now a sad fact that when you hear sad cases of cult clashes, the NBM are mostly involved in it, as well as some other top cult groups like S.V.C, Eiye, and Ajeh.

It is of most important that we know what was the motive before creating such a platform. The Original function of this cult group was to relief the black men from oppression of slavery, prejudice and to have a sense of equality and unity.

Note: The N.B.M is a legalize and registered non profit organization in the Federal Government of Nigeria under the purview of the Corporate Affairs commission (C.A.C). Their Page is also verified.

Now in Today's Article we would be talking about some of the most important position we have in this icon cult group.

1. The National Head: This Iconic post is been held by someone they look up to as the head and he is believe to be the over all leader of the movement. Just like the president of a country he controls the activities of people below him. Just like we have the president as the first citizen, the National head Is the first NBM member.

2. The Chief Priest: This position Is also an important one in the brotherhood. He is responsible for ceremonial, spiritual coordination and many other things.

After the National head he is like a heir, or an assistant to the National Leader of the movement.

3. The NBM Eye: This position is the national Secretary and is responsible for running the movement secretariat.

4: National Crier: This member is like the person in charge of press, he is ordained with responsibilities like public movements, preparation of president release and he also assist the National Eye in doing his work

The Butcher: Just like we have disciplinarians in every activities we do, so does the brother hood have, the Butcher is in charge of duties like Discipline, maintaining law and orders and other movements.

Thanks For Your Time

Please Not that this post does not Encourage Bad Cultism

I hope you have learnt something new

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