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Check out four reasons why some youths do not participate in political activities

An old adage says that children are the leaders of tomorrow, thus, the process of them becoming leaders ought to start now. 

In Nigeria, there are not many youths that have plans of contesting in one or two political positions. To worsen it all, just few youths are concerned about the voting processes in the country. 

A large percentage of Nigeria youths have no plans of going to vote in the next election let alone contesting for it. 

In this article, we would take a look at reasons why youths don't participate in political activities. 

#1 The popular belief that votes don't count

Many people in Nigeria believe that their votes don't count and the Nigerian youths are not left out in buying into this idea. Most youths end up engaging in some recreational activity on the day of election such as playing video games or engaging in sport activity like football in the streets just to while away the time for that day. They don't care how the election processes is being done because the believe that their vote won't count. 

#2 Stress of being eligible to vote  

An eligible voter must be at least 18 years old and must have a voter's card. For most Nigerians living in populated cities such as Lagos, it takes almost eternity to get oneself a voter's card. 

Nigerian youths nowadays would prefer to stay in their places of work to going to get their voter's card. 

#3 Rigging 

When youths hear that some people are hired to steal ballot boxes it diminishes their interest in participating in the voting processes. They believe it is a waste of strength and time because at the end of the day the election would be rigged. 

#4 Belief that politics is a dirty game 

Many Nigerians hate politicians and thus tag politics as a dirty game. They believe that one must be a thug, thief and liar to become a successful politician. This beliefs would destroy the minds of those who have dreams of contesting for a political post. 

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