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See the powerful stool of late great mother of the Ebira people (pictures)

Ebira people are one of the major languages in Kogi state, currently the governor of the state is a native of kogi state.

They are people who are known in the past to be great farmers and hunters. It was recorded that both present and past their have much magician who help them fast war to win at the end.

The stool of late great mother of Ebira people is said to be a very powerful stool only meant to be helpful to the sons and daughters of their mothers.

From the information gathered from our reliable source, till today record still shows that the stool is still at Ihima which is Adavi Local Government of the state.

The great late Ebira mother's who spent her life at Ihima and was also buried their. The Ihima people is said to be one of the most powerful and most time untouchable at any give time, the stool have so many traditional advantages to the people.

May her soul continue to rest in peace in and my kogi be more greater in unity and progress.

The History of Echa-ane Festival

It is one of the popular and most interesting festival in Ebira land. Its use to be celebrated between Late May to late June across the different district of Ebira land in succession. Starting from Ihima district and and ends in Eganyi.

 The origin of this beautiful and decorated festival is not documented but there are different stories suggesting how it started.

Some myths has it that it was created as a substitute for Eku-echi so that female can enjoy it since female participation in Eku-echi was prohibited because it took place in the night. As the name implies, Eche-ane literally means female festival.

 According to Adayi #Siyaka #Oyivo, one of the custodian of Ebira history Echane according to him started from Ihima during the aftermath of the burial of Onyi-Anebira.

 He said, Adayi Ihima (Onotu) buried Onyi-Anebira without the concent of his other siblings from Adaviriku (Adaviriku), Uga (Okengwe), Eganyi (Ohunene), , & Obaji (Okehi), & Odod (Eika) as a results of their i don't care attitude to their mother. This according to him resulted in crisis between the siblings.

 The crisis was so fierce that it need spiritual intervention. Eku was said to be the only thing that can stop the fight, but the only Eku we have then was Eku-Oba (i.e the one in our profile picture.)

 Since Eku-oba does not have hand and walk slowly, it will be impossible for it, hence Eku Ochi-Ochi (now corrupted as Eku echichi) was initiated upon us by the gods.

 It takes these Eku ochi-ochi 3 days to put an end to the crisis hence the reason why Ihima district celebrate Echane for 3 days. 

 Since then, it becomes an annual festival and Eku of any form was prohibited from performing as a burial rites for women.

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Adavi Adayi Eganyi Ihima Kogi


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