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Corruption-free Nigeria becomes a joke! See how people use different 'grammatical Tenses' to mock it

Can Nigeria be free of corruption?

This is a big question that begs for answer! There is no doubt whatsoever that corruption is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigerian society.

Political leaders might be corrupt because the systems that produced them are corrupt! How would you describe the religious leaders who preach hellfire for such act being entangled with the corruption saga?

So, it is a systemic problem that will take a lot of concerted efforts, time and attitudinal rejig before it can be reduced to the bearrest minimum if not completely eliminated! 

Looking at what the damages corruption has caused us in the country with no solution in offing, it has made some people to loose confidence or interest in the project called Nigeria!

I remember encouraging a man to let us keep faith and pray for the country to out of the deep ocean of the corruption she is, his reply is shocking!

"Is that what they told you, what happened to all the prayers we have been saying since childhood (prayer for Nigeria in distress)? Today we are growing gray hair. Is it in old age or in death?"

In the same vein, a lady has taken us to one of the elements in the learning of English Language which is "Tenses" by mockingly using corruption as an instance.

She said: “One day Nigeria will be corruption free” What tense is this?

Using Tense to state when Nigeria will be free of corruption I will go for "Future Possible Tense". Yes, I am sure that the rate of corruption will drastically reduce in the future! So, I'm quite optimistic about that, but that of "corruption free" is impossible because no nation in the world has attained that.

There's no corruption free country in the world. It just fair than each other. No country is corruption free but they manage it too well more than Nigeria. 

No human was born flawless, Nigeria will get better some day.

Below are different tenses people use to describe corruption free Nigeria:

Drop your Tenses in the comment section below..

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