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Opinion (Kogi 2023): Forget Party And Zoning Idea, One Of These 5 Should Be The Next Governor

The 2023 election of Kogi state is fast approaching and the discussion about who our next governor will have indeed commenced among the intellectual heavyweights.

No doubt that in APC the incumbent governor, Yahaya Bello is not going to contest again and from all indication, neither has the deputy governor, Edward Onoja shown any interest of contesting for the seat of governance in the Lugard house.

In PDP on the other hand, there are many candidates who are expected to be contesting under the platform, among who are: the former governor of the State, Governor Idris Wada, the former senator who represented Kogi central at the 8th national assembly, Senator Salihu Ogembe and the former senator who represented Kogi west at the 8th national assembly, Senator Dino Melaye.

The likes of Sanusi Abubakar, Abiodun James Faleke, Musa and many more others may also be in interested in the contest.

There are so many candidates qualified to contest the forthcoming election, who should we vote as our Governor come 2023?

However, in my opinion, it is high time we looked at competence rather than talking about zoning or party because the concern of every reasonable and conscience-driven citizen should be the outcome of the person elected. This is why I want us to look at these 5 people listed below and consider the best of them for the next election.

1. Sen. Dino Melaye

Yes, of course, Dino Melaye, dont be surprised, you may have seen a lot of things that would discourage you from even thinking of Dino Melaye becoming the next governor. But I bet you, you cannot mention even a single corruption allegation traced back to the former legislator. Why don't we look at his boldness in terms of facing treacherous leaders even at the stake of losing his seat at the national assembly.

2. Idris Wada

The teachers and other civil servants of the state, will no doubt chose Idris Wada over any other candidate because even if they may have experienced hardship during his reign, they have come to realize that Wada's reign was far better than what they are experiencing today.

In addition to that, Wada may have also learnt from his past experience and may have resolved with a powerful conviction to make policies that will take Kogi state to the promised land come 2023.

3. Abdulkareem Asuku

Within the past few years, that Asuku has been in the Kogi government, from been the former Director-General of Protocol and the current Chief of staff, every citizen of the state can be left to pass their judgment on him. But without been sentimental one thing is certain and that is the fact that Asuku has contributed immensely to the upgrowth of the state, this is seen through his numerous schemes tailored toward assisting the poor citizens, especially the youths and women.

AbdulKareem Asuku is said to champion free medical service in more than a handful of hospitals across the state including the Federal Medical Centre(FMC) Lokoja.

4. Simon Achuba

Simon Achuba the former deputy governor of the state is an elder statesman, a man who has won the sympathy of the entire citizens, through the incessant persecution which he experienced from the state government before he was finally impeached in 2019.

No doubt Kogi need the like of Achuba who will stand with the truth even while such determination may end him in the wrath of the political leaders.

5. Salihu Ogembe

Salihu Ogembe, a one time chairman of Okene Local Government Area (LGA) and the senator who represented the Kogi central senatorial district in the 8th national assembly Is a man know for been focussed and he is a concerned leader who works tirelessly to see that the poverty is alleviated to a reasonable extent.

Ogmebe had initiated quite a number of schemes capturing the poor masses during his tenure at the senate. This he started in Okene LGA more than a decade ago even before coming out openly to declare his intention to contest for any political post.

Dear readers whom among these 5 prospective candidates will you vouch for as the next governor of the state?

Content created and supplied by: Abu-Muslim (via Opera News )

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