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US air strike in Syria a warning to Iran — Biden

President Joe Biden said Friday that a US air strike against an Iranian-moved state army in eastern Syria, the first since he got down to business, ought to be seen by Iran as a notice. 

Asked what the message was from the air strike, Biden said: "You can't act without any potential repercussions." 

"Be cautious," he added, talking in Houston during a visit through aid ventures after a gigantic winter storm in Texas. 

Syria and Iran on Friday denounced the assault with Damascus considering it a "terrible sign" from the new Biden organization and Tehran saying it would additionally destabilize the area. 

Pentagon representative John Kirby said two F-15E "Strike Eagles" dropped seven accuracy guided weapons on Thursday on facilities in eastern Syria utilized by the civilian armies accepted to be behind a spate of rocket assaults on US troops in Iraq. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Biden was sending "an unambiguous message." 

"He will act to ensure Americans and when dangers are presented, he has the option to make a move at that point and in the way based on his personal preference," Psaki said. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the organization needed to make it "extremely, clear — quite to Iran–that they can't act without risk of punishment against our kin, our accomplices, our inclinations. 

"What's more, I think — and expect — that that message was obviously gotten," Blinken said. 

Syria denounced the strike as "cowardly American animosity."

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