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‘This is why witches hold most of their meetings between 12 to 2am’- Apostle Arome

Apostle Arome Osayi is an insightful preacher and is the founder of the Remnant Christian Network. The man of God shared during a ministration why we need to pray in the midnight and reason why witches hold their meetings between 12-2am.While likening spiritual war to a wrestling fight, he asked jokingly;

‘Have you ever seen an opponent won a fight just because he gave his opponent one blow? So what makes you think that after that one blow the fight has ended and so you went to sleep.’

The man of God disclosed that if you want to be a spiritual warrior, you will pay the price to be awake when men sleep. According to him, most witchcraft meetings are held between 12-2 am because spirits are most active during this period.

Apostle Arome continued sharing that the devil is more active when men are less active and that's why the devil chooses the night to attack men. The night is the most vulnerable period for men but the most active period for spirit. He emphasised:

‘So when you give a spirit a blow and went to sleep, the spirit won't fight you instantly but it will come when it is most advises. He finally warns that when you attack a spirit during the day, make sure you are active during the night for the spirit will come back. Watch the video via the link below:


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Arome Arome Osayi


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