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Egalitarian society is not achievable in the ideology of the ruling class in Nigeria.

In this article I shall be dissenting the issues that have kept us all in one spot. It varies from modern day slavery,nepotism, post colonial administration interface and interference in Nigeria.

What is egalitarian society: it stresses equality in political,economical,racial, gender amongst the citizens and people. There is no doubt that there is no, and can never be an equal playing ground for all peoples of Nigeria. There are class of people who do not concur to this ideology. These type of persons are classified under one grade as"elitism "who's idealism, ideology and methodology is that some class of people have the right and the opinion are heard more than others in Nigeria and in the societies.

The elites in Nigeria do not confine or allow the things in Nigeria to be shared equally. The examples of elitism; a rich marry the rich,no opportunity to employment, no justice to the poor,all laws are meant only to cage the poor, political powers are denied to the poor, just to mentioned but a few.

Egalitarian society is not realizable though, but there should be free and equal opportunity for all who merited anything in Nigeria. The rich gets richer;the poor gets poorer. The elite class can never allow someone who is not connected to their class to rule,employed in an well paid jobs,only leaves the masses in penury.

For instance, the ruling class have seen greener pastures in politics of the land, imagine a governor,after eight years tenure of rulership in the state, only goes to senate for an unending tenures. They see the masses as parasites who sucks blood of human beings. At the time the makes laws to protect their interest only.

The elite class in Nigeria likes to make wealth for the children children unborn by their families. Instead of making Nigeria a better place, as already blessed with human and natural resources. In developed countries everyone is comfortable, provided with opportunities, whatever you acquired is justified by the works you do. Nigeria's elites have no plans of making things better,rather only but acquire wealth without working for it.

Egalitarianism can be achieved if the Nigeria ruling class can self determine, self sacrifice for the betterment of all. The is difference between power and wealth,all we need is the political power to change this narrative.


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