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2 Political Deals Secondus Can Make With PDP Over His Case At Court

The main argument of Mr. Uche Secondus is that he wants justice for the PDP. He also said that he wanted to save the political party from the people who wanted to hijack its structure. Hence, he said he wouldn't withdraw his case from the court. Meanwhile the dismissed chairman can make a deal with the party.

Mr. Uche Secondus has been facing some critical challenges till he was declared suspended. The party leadership approved his suspension and subsequent removal. Meanwhile, the matter is still in court and Mr. Uche Secondus may be under pressure to withdraw the case.

Once the pressure reaches certain level, he will need to surrender and make a demand. He should understand that he can't continue to slug it out with the political party or the leader. Hence, he should make some demands. One thing that should be clear is that making deals isn't new in politics.

Mr. Uche Secondus should first demand the vice presidential slot of the PDP. Of course, there won't be any primary election for the vice presidential ticket. The presidential candidate often uses his discretion to singlehandedly choose the running mate.

But possibly, the political party can have a hand in the selection. Now that the matter is in court, Mr. Secondus should know that the best he can get is to make a deal with the party. Hence, he should argue that the north should take g presidential ticket while he would have the vice presidential slot of the PDP.

There is no doubt that this demand won't go down well with top leaders of the party. Politicians like Nyesom Wike, who is from Rivers State, may feel that his own chances would be reduced if Mr. Secondus is allowed to go with the deal. Hence, Wike may reject this.

The best alternative for Mr. Uche Secondus would therefore be to demand a portfolio in the government if the PDP wins the 2023 presidential election. Definitely, the PDP has a chance to take over from the All Progressives Congress in 2023. And it is true that at least a minister must come from each of the states. Mr. Uche Secondus can demand the slot for Rivers State. And with that, he will withdraw the case from court.

Source: Punch Newspaper

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