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History: Why Egypt Archeologists & Egyptologists Said Igala Were Part of 12th Dynasty of Pharaohs

The history of how Igala migrated from Ancient Egypt has come under heavy criticism by majorly people of different ethnic groups since it was released into the public glare by Ayegba Abdullahi, a historical researcher of Igala extraction.

However historical facts and figures emanating from different angles has no doubt vindicated Ayegba Abdullahi who unveiled his investigation a couple of days ago. 

History shows that, Amenemhat III the husband of an Igala Queen, Queen Ata was one of the Pharaohs of the 12th dynasty (12th Dynasty was from ca1991 BC - ca1802 BC). Under him, Khety, an Igala man of the lineage of Pharaohs Kheti I and II of the 10th Dynasty was a Vizier. A Vizier was second in command to the King or Prime minister just like the Achadu Oko Attah in Igala Kingdom today.

A Vizier was also in charge of administration, security, judgement and safety of the Pharaoh and the empire or Kingdom.

Queen Ata was the mother of Princess Sobekneferu. This maternally Igala Princess, Sobekneferu became the last Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty after the death of his half brother, Amenemhat IV who ruled after the death of Pharaoh Amenemhat III.

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